The Big RPG Survey: Results

A little bit of background before I get into the juicy data. If you just want the data, you can skip the next paragraph.

My regular once-a-week gaming group broke up about a year ago now. Even though it's been that long since I've played, I still find myself reading the source books, making characters, writing down plot ideas. In a strange way, it almost seems like the actual playing of a tabletop RPG is the least important part. I think tabletop games are just a part of my DNA. I was thinking last week about finding a new group, one that would stick (for a while, at least). It occurred to me how interesting it is that there seem to be as many motivations for playing as there are players, and each game is unique. I wanted to find out not only how people played, but why. So I made a survey.

Last week I posted the survey I made to /r/rpg. You can find the survey here and the raw data here. I was humbled by the response; as of writing this, over 300 of you took the time to fill it out. There is an incredible amount of insight here. Many of you asked to see the results, and I am happy to provide them for you all. I didn't realize the sheer amount of data this would produce, so I've decided to break the data up a bit. This post will contain all of the graphs produced by the data, so you can quickly see how the results are distributed. However, I left many of the questions open-ended, and many of you took advantage of this. In order to better do justice to these answers, I'll make separate posts for such questions. When everything has been posted, I'll make sure to edit this post with a good TL;DR of important findings.

One last thing: the explicitly open-ended questions really can't be summed up on charts. I'll tackle them in depth in individual posts.

OK. Without further ado, the results:

What is your age?

What is your gender?

What continent do you live on?

How long have you been playing RPGs for?

When making a new character, what do you tend to focus on?

What motivations do your characters tend to have?

What kind of player are you?

How similar to yourself do your characters tend to be?

What tabletop RPGs have you played?

Which video game RPGs have you played?

What archetypes do you gravitate toward?

What are your favorite aspects of an RPG?

What mediums have you played an RPG through?

How else do you show your geek colors?

Is there anything about RPGs that discourages you?

It's fascinating to pore over this data. Next up: the open ended questions, followed by a closer look at the questions listed here.